Tulitab is the flagship entertainment app of Nearpins, a group company of SK Tuli Group Limited, established in 2018. The application runs across 2G, EDGE, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks and is compatible with most of the popular TV and Smartphone platforms including Android and iOS. The app will stream unlimited Live TV channels with movies, TV Shows, and videos.

Why Tulitab

  • We have given it our own name and our forefather’s name because we feel that we should not forget the vision & mission we are moving towards for even a single second.
  • The word Tab here means eyes. And, Tulitab has its target to let the shutterups pan India look at the new world from our eyes i.e., Tulitab.
  • Tulitab is a TV screen customized by the core IT professionals of SK Tuli Group.
  • The target is to install the TV screen inside each and every outlet of India.
  • The idea behind Tulitab is to first prepare the shopkeepers for the change they are experiencing & for the future surprises that are yet to come.
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Why Tulitab

  • It is a unique innovative promotion and advertisement platform
  • Targets audience through a number of filtrations
  • A revolutionary for small and medium advertisers to come on television
  • Allows people to showcase their businesses or professions at their desired filtered locations
  • Unlike other existing mediums available, Tulitab is cost effective. And, in that way, it encourages new advertisers


  • Be a gold publisher for ‘admodes’ (‘tulitab’ is a part of admodes)
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  • Think big, increase your team, add different business verticals, be a trainer for your client, help him promote their business and grow yourself
  • Generate jobs
  • Chance to tap the niche market
  • Meet different people daily

One Stop Solution for all Entertainment Needs.

A one-stop destination for all entertainment needs, Tulitab is committed to providing its users with the best-in-class mobile TV experience through its world-class infrastructure. Tulitab will continue innovating on the content front and will remain the preferred choice for users.


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