Monthly Archives: August 2018

Buying From Local Shops : How It Boosts the Economy

Where and how to sell your product online? Buying from local shops not only gives you assurance about the quality of the product and how you create a bond with the shopkeeper but also how you in return, can help shopkeepers contribute to the country’s economy. Besides getting organic and fresh...
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Importance of Innovation in Business

When you talk about innovation, what comes into your mind? Do you admire new inventions that scientists create? And, do you also appreciate entrepreneurs for the fact that they play a great role in shaping the economy? Entrepreneurs are innovators responsible for the growth of the economy. But, the ...
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Importance of Small & Medium Business in India

What is Micro Small and Medium Enterprise? Small business in India is key to India’s growth. The Micro Small and Medium Enterprise in India is a vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy. Over the last five decades, it has made massive contributions to the economy as compared to other s...
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