Buying From Local Shops : How It Boosts the Economy

Where and how to sell your product online?

Buying from local shops not only gives you assurance about the quality of the product and how you create a bond with the shopkeeper but also how you in return, can help shopkeepers contribute to the country’s economy. Besides getting organic and fresh local products, the local community at the same time is growing.

The following graphic indicates the demand for fresh and local products as well as the high contribution of a local market to the economy.

Learn how technology plays an important role in connecting customers with local shops and what people do before buying a product. The graphic can also give sellers the idea how to handle their business by gathering information about customers.

local stores infographics

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Today, all you need to sell things online and above infographic gives the idea about online shoppers and what makes people turn to digital before shopping or while they shop; and how mobile phones are used by customers and sellers. It also shows how the use of technology in the shop can attract customers. Research also shows how mobile phones are being used when shopping. There is a huge change in the shopping scenario and the researched above shows all that you need to know.

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